Signature Health - Your Complete Staffing Solution

Your healthcare organization’s reputation demands that you find quality healthcare professionals, so you need full access to a range of flexible staffing solutions.​

The experience and technology of Signature Health assures your organization that whether you’re looking for per diem nurses or contract staff, you’re getting what you need to fill in for planned staff vacations or adjust for unexpected staff absences, sick calls and rising census. 

Our Standards

•  Minimum of 1 year current experience in an area of practice for RNs & LPNs
•  Minimum of 6 months current experience for CNAs & CMAs
•  Current license in good standing with active status
•  Criminal background check
•  Employment references, OIG check, EPLS check
•  No prior record of patient/resident abuse or HIPAA violations
•  Rigorous attendance standards enforced
•  Complete skills assessment per specialty
•  80% or better on all administered exams
•  Clinical testing of all applicants upon hire

What you can expect from us

Our clients only pay hourly rates; there are no added or hidden fees. Signature Health pays all employee taxes and insurances, including FICA, SUTA, FUTA, social security, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation and liability insurance. If travel is associated these additional costs are discussed and approved prior to working the agency nurse in your facility.